It’s Now Possible to Play Your Favorite Casino Games Almost Anywhere – Read our Guide to the Best Online Mobile Casino

We seem to use smartphones for almost everything nowadays. Keeping a calendar, shopping lists, banking, watching films and TV, listening to music, learning a language and researching anything and everything. Well now you can also partake in a few online casino games at a mobile casino online. As well as acting as a travel guide, camera and many other things your mobile device can now be used for enjoying online casino games. No longer do you have to be glued to your desktop and play at home. It’s now possible, thanks to the online casino mobile app and compatible websites to play on the beach, on the bus, sat in a coffee shop, even on the top of a mountain. As long as you’ve got a stable internet connection you can play anywhere. Although preferably not while driving your car. When mobile gaming first became possible it was all a little disappointing, with games that took a lifetime to load and websites that were a nightmare to visit using a mobile device. Thankfully, things have come on in leaps and bounds and it’s now a very pleasurable experience.

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What are the advantages of playing at a mobile online casino?

If you’re already a fan of using your mobile device then you’re probably not going to need very much persuading to use it for playing at an online casino. For the rest of you we’ll start by looking at the advantages. One of the biggest is convenience. Imagine yourself stood in a queue, with five minutes or more to waste. Simply switch on your smartphone, open an online casino mobile app and you’ve got something to do, instantly. If you travel to work by taxi, tube or bus you can play a few games to help pass the time. If it’s a sunny day you can even take your tablet to the beach and play a few games with the help of an online casino app. Whenever and wherever you want to play your games you can using the same login details. With more opportunities to play games you’re also increasing your chances of winning. Playing little and often will make it much more likely for you to turn a profit. Playing at a mobile online casino also means you can take advantage of those off moments, rather than sitting for hours at your desktop. Playing for shorter lengths of time means you’re less likely to end up feeling very tired and make silly mistakes or stupid decisions.

List of the Best Mobile Casinos
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$20,000 $10
  • Offers table casino games, slots, and much more
  • Regulated by Government of Couracao
  • Founded: 2017
Play NowCherry Jackpot Review
Up to $9000 $10
  • Games from Realtime Gaming
  • Regulated by Government of Couracao
  • Founded: 2017
Play NowCasinoMax Review
Up to £200 $10
  • Live stream for UK players
  • Regulated by UKGC, GGC
  • Founded: 1967
Play NowBetfred Review
$1500 $10
  • Up to €888 no deposit bonus
  • Regulated by: UKGC, GGC
  • Founded: 1997
Play Now888 Casino Review
$1600 $10
  • Over 450 games to choose from
  • Regulated by: MGA
  • Founded: 1998
Play NowJackpot City Review
$750 $10
  • Toll free number 24/7
  • Regulated by: MGA
  • Founded: 2001
Play NowRuby Fortune Review
Up to €1000 $10
  • Bonuses for 1st, 2nd and 3rd deposit
  • Regulated by: MGA
  • Founded: 2001
Play NowSpin Palace Review

If you want to play using a mobile device you have a number of options

When mobile casinos and games were first introduced to the public they were nowhere near as good as they are today. It was also mostly casino online apps that were used. The first developers of these apps were Playtech and Microgaming, both of which are still big names in the world of casino software. More than ten years ago, the first apps were launched and they were far less sophisticated than they are today. But everything has to start somewhere, and more than a decade ago, mobile devices weren’t as sophisticated either. As you might have expected, it was Apple that made all the difference and from the moment it came on the scene it was apparent there was going to be a huge demand for the online mobile casino. The developers soon realised this demand and put a lot of time, research and effort into improving the mobile games. Now most online casinos offer either a mobile casino app, or the option of playing games without download, using mobile browser. The only downside at the moment, is that most apps can only be used by those with iOS or Android devices. Whether that will change or not we really don’t know.

There is an option for those without an iOS or Android device

online mobile casinoIf you don’t want the latest iPhone or Android device you can still benefit from playing at an online mobile casino. Being able to play anywhere and everywhere is a pleasure to be enjoyed by all. There may not be an app you can use with your Blackberry, Windows, Kindle Fire or any of the other device, but it is possible to access a casino site using your usual mobile browser. Something the techies call HTML5 is what makes this possible. It’s all thanks to a clever piece of coding in the software that identifies the type of device that’s being used and provides a version of the site that’s compatible with the device.

It’s able to tell the type of device, its size and the operating system and allows you to login and play at the best mobile online casino without any problems. The problems of the first few years were soon ironed out and as new devices have come on the market, the developers have been quick to make changes. Which is all of benefit for any of you wanting to play using your own device. All the best online casino sites are now mobile compatible and the experience is just as good, if not better, than playing the games using a desktop. There are even a selection of casinos that now concentrate solely on mobile games. And you don’t have to worry about missing out on all the bells and whistles because they’re there in truck loads.

Browser or online casino app – which is the best?

In actual fact, there’s very little to choose between the two. If you don’t happen to own an iOS or Android device there’s no contest as you have no other option than to access the games using your mobile browser. This seems a little unfair, but it’s really down to popularity. If devices other than iOS or Android devices ever become as popular, it’s very likely the number of casino online apps will increase as well. But for now, anyone with a device other than an iPhone or Android smartphone, for example, are going to find their options limited. For those of you who have the choice between apps and using a browser, it will really come down to personal choice. Some of you will prefer to play using an app, while others will be satisfied to use their browser. There are a few small differences between the two options however. The best online casino app will have superior graphics and the games will play much better than using a browser. In other words, the gaming experience will be far more enjoyable.

This is because the app will have been written specifically with the mobile user in mind. It won’t matter whether the device is a tablet or smartphone, the interface will be far superior and much better looking. All the games you want to play will be loaded directly onto your phone and there will be no issues with lag. Unfortunately, lag is an issue often experienced when playing casino games using a mobile browser. There is a downside to using even the best online casino app and that’s the fact it can use up a large amount of storage space. Yes, there are mobile devices with a huge amount of space for storing photos and other information. But you’ll find the top online casino apps will use rather a lot of it. If your device is going to be used mostly for playing at a mobile casino then this won’t be a problem. But if you use your device for a lot of other things you’ll need to seriously consider whether an app is worth it. The good thing about a mobile app is that you can try it for a while and if it’s not your cup of tea you can simply uninstall it.

Downloading a mobile casino online app is a piece of cake

If you decide you want to play at a casino mobile online using your browser it’s very easy. All you do is type the web address of the casino you want to visit into the address bar of your browser. Once you’ve clicked to enter you be taken straight there. If you haven’t already registered it’s a simple process. Installing all your favorite games onto your device is a little bit more complicated but you don’t need a degree in computer science. In fact, it’s so simple even a complete beginner should have no trouble. There are slight differences depending on the operating system your device uses so let’s look at your options.
Downloading from an Android or iOS app store
If you use an iPhone, iPad or Android device it’s a quick and simple process to download an app for a top mobile casino. Simply visit your usual app store and search for the casino you want and then follow the online instructions. There should be plenty to choose from if you’ve not already registered with a particular casinos. And if you’ve already registered it should be a simple case of logging in using the same username and password.
Downloading direct from the website of a mobile casino
Another option is to download an app directly from the website of your chosen mobile casino. If the casino you’re using provides this option there may be a number of ways you can do it. The casino could send you an SMS message or email that contains a link so you can download the app. It could also offer the download by scanning a QR code, but you’ll need an active QR reader to be able to do this.

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One final option, that we’ve already briefly touched on is to use instant play. This involves a clever piece of software known as HTML5. This cleverly recognises what type of device is being used and adjusts the main website for the optimum playing experience. You don’t need to download anything or worry about using a mobile casino app. Instant play is available as soon as you’ve logged in. We should however mention that it doesn’t always work very well. Trial and error will probably find the best website for your own device.

What does the future hold for the online casino for mobile?

For a tiny little piece of technology that we’ve come to rely on so much, things are still looking good. The use of mobile devices doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. Which means that the future for online casinos is looking very good too. Who would have thought, just a few years ago, we could have become so dependant on something you can fit in your pocket. But those we use nowadays have so much processing power you could almost run a small country. 3G and 4G connectivity and the increasing number of public wifi networks mean you can play all your favorite games anywhere you want. There are few worries about losing connectivity and you don’t have to wait hours for your games to load. The experience is just as good as using a desktop, and in many cases even better. And it seems that developers are concentrating their efforts on the mobile gaming experience which is good news for anyone who wants to play at an online casino for mobile. We’ve briefly mentioned public wi-fi networks, so now is a good time to impart some advice and talk about staying safe and secure when playing at a casino online using a mobile

Staying safe when using an online mobile casino

Keeping safe when using your mobile device for anything is important. But more so if you happen to using it for making any kind of payment or inputting personal and financial information. This kind of information is going to be at risk of falling into the wrong hands, especially if you’re using a public network and your mobile device. The best mobile online casinos will use SSL encryption to ensure your personal information is kept safe and secure but you still shouldn’t let your guard down, and follow some simple advice. There’s a lot to be said for playing a few hands or enjoying a few spins of the wheel when you’re on the way to work, or relaxing and having lunch. Using a secure network, such as the one at home or in your workplace, isn’t such a problem as you’ll be directed to a secure page when you login.

The issues start when you’re using a public network. Your login details can in effect be seen by anyone who cares to look. You don’t need to worry quite so much if you’re making deposits or withdrawals, because financial transaction pages are usually very secure. Protocols will be in place that require verification of a person’s identity before it’s possible to access an account and take out money. But if someone has been able to get hold of your login details they’ll be able to spend all your bankroll on games. So keep a look out and be vigilant at all times, as it’s the best way to reduce the risk of losing all your money. It’s possible to check whether a particular page is secure and it only takes a few seconds. In the address bar, look for a little green padlock and a web address that starts https. We should also mention here, that using a casino online mobile app will mean all your details will be stored within the app. Play can take place straightaway and the device will provide the security.

What are the best devices to use?

There’s a simple answer to that question and it’s a device that’s supported by the casino. All the best mobile online casinos will provide a list of compatible devices as well as the gaming software that’s being used. The most supported devices are iOS and Android which is great if you’ve got one. The selection of casinos is much smaller for those with other devices such as Windows or Blackberry devices. But you will be able to find a few to choose from. We haven’t got a crystal ball to say whether this will ever change but we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope it will.

Tips on picking the best online mobile casino

There are plenty of mobile casinos to choose from. In fact most online casinos now offer mobile games. To be honest it’s unlikely they’d survive if they didn’t. This does, however, make picking the right one very difficult. To help we’re going to suggest a number of features you should be looking for. You’re going to find a lot of variety, both in terms of service and variety of games. So it’s a good idea to have something to set your sights on. A good place to start is the speed and reliability of the website. Following on from that you should consider safety and security as another priority. A good indicator of this will be whether the casino is licensed and regulated. And not just by any regulatory body, but preferably one that has a good reputation for monitoring and imposing basic rules to protect consumers and provide fair games.

The provider of the software is also another important consideration and can have a big impact on your experience. Ideally, you want to pick a casino that uses software from a reliable provider because this will mean you get the most secure, safest and fairest experience. Along with a quick and reliable gaming platform. Your mobile device is also an important part of the equation as you need to be sure it will be able to handle the software and its processing power is good enough to ensure smooth running games. There’s possibly nothing more frustrating than a device that keeps sticking and stopping because it’s struggling with the complex software. Most modern mobile devices will be more than capable but some of the older devices may struggle.

Are any casino games better than others to play on a mobile device?

You’re going to be faced with a fair choice of games if you want to play using a mobile device, and new ones are added on a regular basis. Slots are possibly the favorite as they are so easy to play. There are even dedicated mobile slots sites you can visit. They can be played using a downloadable app or via the instant play page. The most popular version is 5-reel slots, possibly because of the amazing graphics and popular themes. Another reason for their popularity is the increasing number of progressive slots that can be played. The chance of becoming a millionaire is definitely very appealing.
Roulette is another popular game to play using a mobile device. Possibly because its the casino game that most people recognise. The selection of variants is pretty basic and it’s usually European roulette that’s offered. However, you’re also likely to find an increasing number of mobile casinos offering the American version of the game.
Blackjack is a very popular casino game for mobile players. Again, it’s going to be a basic selection of games but as mobile casino games become increasingly popular more versions seem to be added. For example, a number of sites now offer multi-player blackjack. You might even find a few casinos offering live dealer blackjack games. But if you want to play live dealer games using your mobile you’ll need to check it will be able to handle the software as this type of game needs a lot of processing power.
We hope we’ve whet your appetite and you’re dying to play at an online mobile casino. We’ll be featuring a number of mobile casino reviews to help you find the right one. All the information you need will be there in one place. Saving you from having to do all the leg work. Keep popping back here as well as we aim to keep you up to date with all the latest developments in the world of mobile casinos and mobile gambling.

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