An Entertaining Online Casino Game That’s Based on Luck – A Helpful Guide to Playing Online Casino Keno

Many of today’s modern online casino games are based on luck, but there’s one that beats all the other hands down and that’s Keno. it’s a lottery based game and it doesn’t get more random than that. All around the world there are lotteries that take place on a regular basis but with keno you can enjoy the thrill of a lottery game whenever and wherever you want. The basic premise of the game is to pick a selection of numbers and see if they come up. Which is actually one of the purest forms of gambling. It’s a recent addition for many online casinos but is becoming increasingly popular for players. Let’s start with a little history before giving you some help with playing the game.

The history of the online casino game Keno

keno online casino games
It’s believed that the game of Keno was first played in China and legend tells of a game that was created to raise funds for the building of the Great Wall of China, during the time of war. The game is thought to be the forerunner to the game we know today as Keno. From China it spread to the West and is now played at keno online casinos. The first Keno game didn’t use numbers but instead Chinese characters. And the game was brought to the West when Chinese immigrants helped in the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad. It wasn’t known as Keno back then, but Boc Hop Bu and Puck-Apu. Nowadays, keno, in the form of a lottery is played in countless countries all over the world, and often used to raise funds for a country’s infrastructure, healthcare and other worthy causes. So it might be a really simple game but it’s got a long and important history. Time to introduce you to the game and how to play online.

Getting to know the online keno casino game

When you choose to play casino online keno, there are a number of common elements you’ll encounter wherever you choose to play.

There aren’t all that many games simpler than playing keno. The first step is to choose your numbers, or make use of the quick pick option. You’re allowed to choose anything between 1 and 15 numbers. It’s up to you how many you choose, but remember your payout will be higher the bigger the percentage of numbers you catch. As you click on the numbers you want the payout table will populate and usually has two columns, Hits and Payout. Combine the information and you’ll know how much money you make if you catch a quantity of numbers. If the payout table is reading 4/500, you’d get paid out 500x your bet if you hit 4 numbers. There are arrows next to the betting amount that allow you to change your bet if you want to. You then get to choose how many games in a row you want to play. It’s usually a Play 1, Play 5 or Play 10 button. When the keno game starts 20 numbers will be drawn and these will be checked off with an X or a checkmark, depending on the online keno casino you’re playing at. Then comes the payout, depending on the numbers you’ve hit.

The rules for playing online casino keno are few and far between

We’ve already said the game of keno isn’t complicated, and this is also true of the rules. And this may well be one of the reasons it has become so popular. There aren’t all that many rules to follow but you should keep the following in mind before you start blindly picking your numbers. There are 80 numbers on a keno card but you won’t be able to pick them all. The quantity you can pick will vary from casino to casino but tends to be a maximum of 15. The minimum quantity of numbers you can pick also depends on where you’re playing. It could be just one, but some insist on players picking at least two. It’s possible to play keno at a land-based casino. But if you choose to do so it’ll mean waiting around for a keno game to start. Playing at a keno online casino means you won’t have to worry and will be in control of when your game starts. Which brings us nicely on to looking at the benefits of playing keno online.

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The benefits that come from playing keno online

There are benefits to be gained from playing keno at a land-based casino but these are far outweighed by those if you choose to play online. Wherever you play, there’s no denying it’s a simple and fun game to play. The basic rules of the game are the same but you’ll need to check for variations by reading the rules at the casino you’ve chosen to play at. Playing keno online means you can play at a casino you’ve hand picked and that may be because there are free games you can enjoy. There are no free games given away at a land-based casino, so you don’t get the chance to try a few games before playing with real money. An online casino for keno will have lots of features you’ll be able to take advantage of such as helpful articles, promotions, bonuses, player options, a wide variety of other games and much more. An online keno casino is very convenient. You simply log in and play whenever you want to, as long as you’ve got a stable and secure internet connection.

Is it possible that such a simple game can have a strategy?

The game of keno is fairly simple to play, and it doesn’t really involve much strategy play. After all, you’re betting on certain numbers coming up and the picking of those number is completely random. However, if you employ a certain level of strategy it is possible to improve your chances of winning. All real money keno online casinos pay out more when the percentage of numbers you catch is higher. But individual casinos do vary in what they payout. Before you lock your numbers in take the opportunity to play around a little and see what the payouts will be for different situations. For example, see what the difference is between catching 8 out of 15 and 5 out of 10 numbers. Then decide whether it will be more worthwhile to choose more numbers if the payout ratio is lower. You might want to try out a betting strategy to help you have a little more fun. Why not bet the minimum to start with and if you win a game then up your bet? And if you lose then decrease it. We’re not saying this will definitely increase your winnings but betting strategies have been know to lead to some impressive wins for some real money keno players.

It’s easy to get carried away playing online keno

Money management is an important skill to learn when playing any wagering game online. Keno is one of many games that allows you to bet a small amount of your bankroll on a selection of numbers with the chance you might become rich. Keno works in a very similar way to the lottery with one key difference. A lottery ticket will often cost a very trivial amount of money, which means you shouldn’t be risking too much of your monthly money. When you play keno, on the other hand, you place bets on each game you’ve chosen to play. If you’ve chosen to place a $5 on 4 different spots, for example and chosen to play 5 games, you’re wagering $25 in one go. It’ can be really easy to get carried away, especially when you’re new to the game. Don’t be put off by these cautionary words, just bear them in mind when you decide to play. Keno is a great game to play and suits all kinds of different players. It’s easy to learn and play and can prove to be very profitable to boot. If you’re looking for a new game to play this might be right up your street. If you can find a casino offering free games to play why not give it a try to see if you like it? If you do there are plenty of real money online keno casinos to play at. Read some of our reviews and you’re bound to find the right one.

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